An initiative that aims to spread awareness of Australian Youth Mental Health and Youth Suicide across the country by arranging an itinerary comprising 12 Drive segments around Australia connecting as many Rotary Clubs as practical. Sadly all Clubs cannot be connected on this occasion.

The Muster is a fund raising project and will attract all forms of media attention.

Because there is no better way to travel this amazingly varied, beautiful interesting country than by road and with a purpose. You have a van or motorhome or can hire one. You care about the Country and its people. You want to make a difference and you know Mental Health Research is vital to the future health of Australians.

For your daily per person fee you are provided with entry to designated Rotary Club meetings and celebrations. Happy Hour provisions. Additional tours such as to Hamilton Island, Yellow Waters, Australian Rotary Health Darwin Institute Dinner and many more.

Not at all. Rotarians love visiting other Clubs and they are aware of the great work of Australian Rotary Health but anyone is welcome. Rotarians often invite their friends. Visiting so many Rotary Clubs as you travel will be one of many highpoints of your travels. The friendliness of Rotary Club meetings is amazing.

A special caravan like off road or semi off road suspension is not necessary as the entire route is on sealed roads. Most of the roads are actually highways. Most motorhomes prefer bitumen.

Fuel consumption varies with driving style, weight of caravan, head winds and cruising speed. Distances for each day are shown on your itinerary. You should know your fuel tank capacity and normal towing distance it offers. Allowing extra for challenging conditions is part of your responsibility. If in doubt a 20 litre can offers peace of mind. Your tour guide will announce at Happy Hour if it is essential to leave with a full tank.

Happy Hour is a popular late afternoon social part of recreational travel. Some refreshments and nibbles will be provided in your fees. It is an opportunity to compare travel notes and highlights, reflect on purpose, share experiences and be briefed on aspects of the day ahead. It is not essential to attend but recommended. It will be held at the indicated stopover location. Best time of the day!

While not essential it is highly recommended for several reasons.

      • A CB radio is not expensive.
      • It enables you to hear what is going on around you.
      • It enables you to talk to trucks about passing.
      • It is fun to be able to share conversations while on route if you are in a group.
      • It certainly helps if you are lost In a town as local businesses and Police monitor and will offer guidance.

This is a private security decision. Much of the outback is not covered by mobile phone service outside the town.

Definitely not. Once outback if you can see the van ahead you are too close. It is disconcerting to many drivers to have another vehicle closely following all the time. Some drivers instinctively drive close and they will be encouraged to open up the gap so everyone enjoys the amazing scenery unaffected by a vehicle in the rear view mirror.

Find a place to safely pull right off the bitumen. Announce on CB your puncture. Others will often assist you. You must be very aware of the danger of your offroad situation. Trucks travel at or near speed limit in both directions and may pass beside you so be very aware of any protrusions onto the carriageway. Stay very calm and alert.

They are big, heavy and powerful. They are driven by professional drivers who are alert to caravan circumstances. Most drivers are polite and courteous and helpful but they do depend on you doing the right thing. This includes not speeding up in passing lanes, travelling close to each other so they have twice as far to travel past the pair of you. They are patient and they know the road. Easing up slightly when they move to pass is appreciated and they will talk on radio to you.

Definitely not. Some may leave very early so they can spend more time at interest spots along the way. Some may sleep in then have coffee before breaking camp and setting off. Typically people will decide if they wish to go off alone or in small groups but there are no requirements relating to starting time.

The degree of danger from wildlife on or crossing the road is a great talking point. Certainly the danger increases dramatically as your speed increases. If you are driving at or just below speed limit and you are alert you will sense potential threats and ease up. Roos will sit on the side of the verge then suddenly for no apparent reason head across the road in front of you. Be aware and cautious. Road kill frequency will warn you of the worst areas but all areas are prone. Eagles love fresh road kill and are very slow to work out you can’t go round them. Be very wary of eagles. Slow right down if safe to do so and try for photos by your co pilot.

You will be provided with news updates from the Muster website. Announcements at Happy Hour gatherings will made looking forward.

You do. The preferred Caravan Park is noted on the itinerary. It is where the support team will be located. It is where Happy Hour will be. But you are to make your own booking arrangements at any site you wish. Please note that in some remote regions there may be little choice and you may be inclined to Freedom Camp. This offers you maximum options or the security of being with the support team.

The basic costs will be $25 per person per day as they Hop On and Hop Off with a minimum of ten days stay per drive. This makes each participant an integral part and bonding during the Musters for Mental Health. $25 per day per participant allows access to meals at the Muster Certified (M©)Rotary Club visits, M© Morning & Afternoon Teas, M© Happy Hours and M© Points of Interest and Excursions.

All musterers are independent in their choice and payment of their caravan parks and their personal catering whilst not on a specific Muster event such as sightseeing, morning or afternoon tea, Rotary Club Meeting and Muster Happy Hour that will be listed as part of the Drive’s itinerary. The participants will be looking after their independent living costs and expected to pay for their fuel, vehicle expenses, accommodation and their chosen non-Muster Certified Activities.

The Muster Certified Activities are being vetted against the daily cost so that the Muster is fair and delivers value. Some days will be Muster Certified Morning and Afternoon Teas and other days Muster Certified Happy Hours with a sprinkling of Rotary endorsed diners mixed in over the Drive! There are Muster Certified Excursions and Sight Seeing opportunities and this makes the concept exciting as local Rotary input is worth dollars and value adds to the daily rate! There will be Muster Certified ‘Commercial’ activities and sightseeing to deliver more value on the Muster!

To make this Muster successful and to raise research dollars, we are challenging the Rotary Clubs of Australia to remember Ian Scott (The Founder of Australian Rotary Health) and his challenge over 35 years ago to raise $2million around Australia. To do this we are asking each Rotary club to become a BRONZE MUSTER MATE and be recognised for a $500 donation (that’s a minimum as they can excel by becoming a SILVER MUSTER MATE ($1k) or a PLATIMUM MUSTER MATE ($2k) or go for the top shelf and become a DIAMOND MUSTER MATE ($2.5K)).

For the Muster Participants and supporters , we seek a pledge to support our research by becoming a Bronze Friend of Australian Rotary Health. This is not difficult as we will give you plenty of time before and on the Muster to reach that level ($500). Bronze friends will be recognised and receive the Muster Shirt to showcase them as Bronze supporters on the Muster. Those that can’t stay away from the Muster Drives, Australian Rotary Health will ask them to pledge an extra $500 per couple for each Drive they complete after their first Muster. In this way they show their continual support for Mental Health Research.

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The Muster for Mental Health will be have 12 Tours to complete the journey around Australia visiting Rotary Clubs and Regional Towns & Cities to bring focus on the importance of sustaining Mental Health Research especially for young Australian and youth suicide.

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